The Movie Version

Have you ever been in a book club in which someone suggests, after you’ve all read a wonderful book, “Now let’s see the movie!”? For some reason, I never love that suggestion, but I’m going to do it to you. And you won’t even have the benefit of having read the book, because the book (my picture book) isn’t out yet. But my publisher says it will be next May, which is soon! Downright imminent in publisher years. (On the other hand, I had a linguistics professor once who taught us that the future is a hypothetical tense. I’ve held onto that, but I’m going to believe this particular future is true.)

Anyway, in January I had an exhibit of my work at my local public library. Since much of the work I showed there was from my forthcoming book, I’m linking you to the movie – actually a slide show – at YouTube theaters everywhere. I hope you like it!