26 and 2 lessons

Good morning, Writers! Today I got an unexpected writing reminder in my bikram yoga class. For those of you who haven’t tried it, this is the yoga done in a hot room. (As in 105 degrees!!!) There are twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises.

Here they are! (I do them three times a week. Since I started: no back pain and NO carpal tunnel.)

On Mondays, I take the 6:30 class. Today, I felt pretty good. But as soon as class started, I began to struggle. Twice, I had to sit down. As I drove home, (as I often do), I thought: well, I learned a lot. About myself. And about my writing life.

1. You have nothing to prove.

Yeah, most of the time I don’t sit down. After two years of consistent practice, I’m pretty proud of that. But so what? Today was a tough day. My goal quickly became: just survive. Stay in the moment. Work on breath.

Often I feel the same way about my writing life. I need to remind myself that I have nothing to prove, that no one is watching my career and judging. There are good days and bad days….and really bad ones. You have to deal with it.

2. Challenges aren’t challenges unless they’re difficult.

Getting through the poses in the heat? Hard.

Writing that new book? Hard.

Point taken.

3. Stay in the moment.

Once I accepted that today was going to be tough, I listened to the teacher and tried to really stay in the moment…no thinking ahead…no anticipating what would come next.

(I need to remind myself of this more often.)

4. Foundation

Without a strong foundation, the rest of the pose is impossible.

Without knowing what a character wants?????? You see where I’m going.

I’m working on something new and I think I still have some foundation work to do. Today I’m going to break out the BIG PAPER and see what I can discover.

Have a great writing day! -Sarah