Tweeting on the Tollbooth

I’ll ruminate more on marketing in my next post (fair warning!), but for now I’d like to send you, twitter-style, to other people’s sites.

First is a post on a New York Times blog “Drafts” (great name) and is titled “Outlining in Reverse.” Besides being about writing, it caught my eye because I remember well learning at Vermont College to know the end before you begin. This a different take on that idea.

Second is a wonderful post by my former VCFA adviser, Laura Kvasnosky, on her blog, “Books Around the Table.” Her most recent post is called, “My Sister’s Novel Ideas,” and it’s great.

Last, I send you to a NYTimes article about the latest non-book incursion into a formerly all-book realm. I’m sorry, but this mother of an almost 8-year-old library- and AG-lover was touched. And, remember, AGs do promote reading!