More on Marketing

Have you heard of the sandwich generation? Rather – the Oreo cookie generation. I don’t eat cookies, but if I have to imagine and analogize, well, that’s another matter. Forget sanwiches, I’m an Oreo.

People of this generation have young children on one side and aging parents on the other. I have only one parent left and only one child, no plurals, so my life should be smooth sailing, right?

Anyway, thanks to Monday’s post on marketing, I decided to ramp up my efforts and make a business Facebook page. (Thank you to those of you who replied and prompted further action.) I have a regular Facebook page, but I never go there because I consider it vortex-like.

So, I went to to learn about using Facebook for business. Does anyone out there use I find it an indispensable resource for learning about any and all art-related software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Writers don’t use those programs, I realize, but lynda will also teach you how to use Facebook and Twitter for business and blog sites like WordPress.

The title on Facebook for Business said don’t even bother setting up a Facebook business page unless you have a destination to send people to. I don’t want to send people to my general illustration portfolio site, so I’ve begun to work on a picture book site. I’ll send you the link as soon as it’s finished. I was hoping that would be today, but the cookies on either side of this cream have been squeezing tight. BTW, I see that I can now choose to be purple, red, or orange. (Or am I only able to vote on my cream color?) Anyway, I hope to send a link to my new site next week.

In the meantime, I’m including photographs of the real-life marketing materials I’ve come up with so far, and which I mentioned on Monday. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

My daughter made the cat below out of Sculpey, which would be a very fun craft, but it requires an oven. But the rings on the cat’s tail are a craft I can actually offer at schools and book stores. Don’t they look realistic?

Ring craft for ONE BRIGHT RING

Below are Origami purses that I think very little hands can manage. My daughter, again, made the prototypes. In my story, the girl tucks the ring she finds in her little purse.

Purses craft for ONE BRIGHT RING

These are greeting cards I’m not sure what to do with. I certainly wouldn’t sell them at schools! On the other hand, I will send a set to my editor. Maybe I’ll offer them in bookshops while I read. I don’t know!

Greeting cards for ONE BRIGHT RING

Below is the little handmade book I was planning to send to prospective bookstores and schools to entice them to invite me to read. Perhaps, I should rethink that idea. They take forever to make. Maybe a greeting card would be sufficient enticement! (See above.)

But I actually gave one to Leonard Marcus after I heard him read at the Eric Carle Museum. Is that weird or what? I love his work and wanted to give him a present as a thank you.

Little homemade book of ONE BRIGHT RING