BookExpo America Rundown

BEAALAIn the writing world, you will encounter many acronyms.

You might even start to feel like you’ve joined the military.

Or you might have fun flashbacks to Robin Williams in Good Moring, Vietnam.

SCBWIIf you’re anything like me, you’ll jumble them all together in conversation. For example, it’s not unusual for me to say, “I really should join SCBWQ2ish-something or other, shouldn’t I?” And I should. I’m getting on that, I swear.

A few months ago, I spoke with my publisher about signing at BEA and realized quickly that I needed to get to the bottom of this acronym if I want to stay ahead of the marketing whirlwind. So, I wikipediaed:

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 12.18.49 PMBEA from the outside is a trade fair for book enablers, everyone from author to publicist to blogger. Okay, I thought waybackwhen, that should be fun. Like Comic Con for book nerds.


And boy, was it ever! I got a Smaug tattoo from the HMH booth, an embarrassing number of tote bags and as many books as I could carry (and believe me, some readers had three tote bags full on each arm).

The event was almost a week long, with people coming for a day or longer, depending. The floor of Manhattan’s Javits Center was divided into booths for various publishers, who sneakily “dropped” piles of books or ARCs to be swarmed and collected by those attending. The best way to describe the atmosphere of BEA is to say that whenever my friends and I stopped walking for a few minutes, we were immediately asked if we were in line for something, and if so, what.

I had my first book signing ever, and I also met my agent and my editor. Talk about a career boost of a day!


I signed 160 books in one hour. It was intense.

I was the best kind of exhausted by the end of it, and that’s mostly because I spent so much time talking to people–something writers can go weeks without doing.


In two days, I met a few hundred librarians, book sellers, bloggers and publishers, and while, yes, I was there to get my book The Color of Rain out there as best as I can, it was also an opportunity to commune with fellow book lovers and learn about exciting things coming out.


For example, two amazing books (written by dear friends) were featured during the Editor’s Buzz Panels, one MG and the other YA. (Please click the covers for more information on these upcoming releases!)

Another huge bonus to being at BEA was to commune with fellow writer friends, hold ARCs of their upcoming books, and discuss the ups and downs of the business. Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? Writing can be too solitary, and all of these acronym-inspired conferences are a way for book lovers to come together. A really great way.

That being said, I’m off to join SCBW…I?



Cheers, Cori

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3 thoughts on “BookExpo America Rundown”

  1. Jessica Dils says:

    Congrats, Cori! Sounds like an amazing week…fun to see VCFA names and faces enjoying BEA and spreading so much talent!!! Cheers…

  2. Griff says:

    That first shot is why everyone falls in love with you, Cori.

  3. Linda Washington says:

    Awesome photos, Cori! I wish I could have attended BEA! And wow! 160 books! That’s awesome!

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