Writing Retreat Review: Loon Song


img_6197This past September, I had the honor to attend the inaugural Loon Song Retreat in rural Minnesota. It was amazing. Inspiring. Life changing. Want to know more? I thought so. Without further ado, here are Ten Things I Loved About The Loon Song Writing Retreat (In No Particular Order)*

1. Katherine Paterson. I’m not sure I need to say more. Her talk. Her humor. Her candor. Her wonderful sense of writing, stories, and the social responsibilities of being a good author and good human. I soaked in everything she said, and the page of notes I wrote while she was talking has already been revisited many, many times.

2. The setting. Okay, at first it was a little spooky. Delta decided to delay my flight for, oh, seven hours, leaving me alone in a terminal who’s repertoire of food options included: bagels (that’s it). So, I arrived at dark o’clock, driving a rental car about fifteen miles outside of the teeny tiny town that’s nearby. A very long, windy dirt road indeed. Luckily, friends were waiting to help me find my cabin when I arrived, otherwise I might have slept in my car and made friends with the wildlife. And there is such wildlife! After my turbulent travel day, I awoke for a sunrise pontoon ride on the most idyllic, peaceful gorgeous lake. Between the cabins and the quiet and the lake and the loons, Loon Song is where you want to go write, trust me. img_6138

3. Kekla Magoon. I’ve had the great fortune to know Kekla over the years, and her lectures always open up my mind in a new direction. For this weekend she discussed outlining as breathing in and drafting as breathing out. I’ve never thought of it that way, but that just feels so natural. And actually explains a lot…

4. Marion Dane Bauer. Marion gave a talk about staying relevant in the swiftly evolving world of children’s publishing, and what’s more, she talked about sustaining happiness through a long writing career. This is something I needed to hear. I’m only a few years into my writing career and for too long I’ve been sprinting. Marion talked about how a writing career is a journey and imparted the message that I should enjoy the scenery and not keep my head buried in my work.

5. VCFA and non-VCFA. I was pretty delighted to not only see old friends from VCFA at Loon Song, but to meet other writers from other circles. There is an instant connection that can be made when you and another person love children’s literature, and it was so wonderful to meet new kindred spirits.

img_61246. Readings, lectures, talks, workshops, time for writing/inspiration. I think this note explains itself, but I was particularly jazzed that on top of the talks and panels, we had free time to relax and converse. I even did a bit of writing which has never happened at a writing conference/retreat before.

7. Structure panel. There was a panel on structure! Which is awesome. You know why? Because it’s just too easy to believe that there’s one way to plot, to outline, to craft a book. This panel illuminated how several different incredibly talented and decorated writers all use different methods.

8. Will Alexander. Will talked about science fiction and fantasy with the kind of passion that inspires. He explained, illuminated, and ruminated. All of which has left my new science fiction story idea bubbling inside of me.

img_61799. Winding Oak’s marketing expertise and positivity. On top of having authors from all walks of life, an agent and an editor, Loon Song also brought in Winding Oak—a marketing duo that are rife with positivity and informed straight talk about how authors can take their careers, readerships, and websites to the next level and beyond.

10. Expanded horizons. Picture book discussions by Kathi Appelt! So I have been sticking my toe into the pool of picture books for awhile, and I’ve finally decided to try my hand in earnest. This is entirely because Kathi shared her process and journey for several of her books.

Sometimes you just need to see the road that someone else traveled to have the courage to set out on your own…


*Yes, this is a shout out to Kekla Magoon’s fabulous book 37 Things I love (In No Particular Order).

Cori McCarthy is the author of four YA books and a freelance editor at Yellow Bird Editors. Find out more at CoriMcCarthy.com