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Sarah Johnson’s New Novel CROSSINGS!

We’re so proud of Tollboother Sarah Johnson. Her new novel, CROSSINGS, a Young Adult fantasy, is out in the world.

Eliinka, a young, orphaned harp player, was born with the gift of influencing people around her with her music. But in her home country of Pelto, she’s forced to hide this ability to avoid persecution from government authorities. When she contracts to work for Jereni, a woman from the neighboring country with whom Pelto has been at war, she soon finds herself trying to reconcile the two countries. Can Eliinka use her musical gift to bring peace to Pelto and Viru while protecting the people she loves?

You can purchase CROSSINGS herehere or wherever books are sold. Congratulations, Sarah!

One thought on “Sarah Johnson’s New Novel CROSSINGS!”

  1. Meg Wiviott says:

    Congratulations, Sarah!

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