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Writing Retreat Review: Loon Song

  This past September, I had the honor to attend the inaugural Loon Song Retreat in rural Minnesota. It was amazing. Inspiring. Life changing. Want to know more? I thought so. Without further ado, here are Ten Things I Loved About The Loon Song Writing Retreat (In

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The Unlikeable Girl Narrator 101

“I hate them.” “I love them.” I write unlikeable girl narrators,* and neither of these previous sentences trouble me. But I can’t help thinking every time this comes up (which is a lot) that there is no phrase for unlikeable boy narrators. This is a

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Anonymous Author Confessions

Being an author is weird. Here are a few anonymous quotes that I gathered from a variety of YA, MG, and PB writers on publishing, life, writing, etc. WRITING I don’t write every day. I’d be a better writer if I did, and it’s what I

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Reasons My Son is Crying*: Writing Edition

My son wanted a toy train. For days, we heard pleas for “a choo choo! A choo choo, please!” So in anticipation of one of those drop-his-father-off-at-the-airport-and-venture-through-the-mall-two-weeks-before-Christmas kind of Saturdays, I promised my son that if he listened and was patient during all of the

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Go Ahead: Fall Down The Stairs

This past week, I finished writing a book. Which is to say that I finished the first draft of a book that I will undoubtedly write four more times before it is a book. Really, this week I finished a manuscript, but calling it a

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Writing, A Love Story

I have been wooing the same love interest for seventeen years. A fickle flirt, this affair has waged from crush to outright war, and seeing as how I got a mighty fine kiss this morning, I’d like to share my passion’s journey with you today. In

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