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Writing Retreat Review: Loon Song

  This past September, I had the honor to attend the inaugural Loon Song Retreat in rural Minnesota. It was amazing. Inspiring. Life changing. Want to know more? I thought so. Without further ado, here are Ten Things I Loved About The Loon Song Writing Retreat (In

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Reasons My Son is Crying*: Writing Edition

My son wanted a toy train. For days, we heard pleas for “a choo choo! A choo choo, please!” So in anticipation of one of those drop-his-father-off-at-the-airport-and-venture-through-the-mall-two-weeks-before-Christmas kind of Saturdays, I promised my son that if he listened and was patient during all of the

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Go Ahead: Fall Down The Stairs

This past week, I finished writing a book. Which is to say that I finished the first draft of a book that I will undoubtedly write four more times before it is a book. Really, this week I finished a manuscript, but calling it a

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Writing, A Love Story

I have been wooing the same love interest for seventeen years. A fickle flirt, this affair has waged from crush to outright war, and seeing as how I got a mighty fine kiss this morning, I’d like to share my passion’s journey with you today. In

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BookExpo America Rundown

In the writing world, you will encounter many acronyms. You might even start to feel like you’ve joined the military. Or you might have fun flashbacks to Robin Williams in Good Moring, Vietnam. If you’re anything like me, you’ll jumble them all together in conversation. For example,

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The Sex Talk

In less than two months my YA novel will be coming out (!) and recently, I’ve found myself giving the two-second pitch on repeat: “It’s about a teen prostitute in space.” This description invariably sparks the question, “Is there sex in your book?” Why, yes.

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