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6 Ideas for Creative Inspiration

What is your creativity metaphor? A whispering muse? A well of water? A waterfall? Forest trails? What does a writer (or artist) do when the muse hides, the well freezes, or the trails fade or are overgrown? Ideally the well always is overflowing, the muse

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Writing Inspiration

What inspires your writing? Hints of spring waft in the air and birds sing, and I consider what inspires me in my writing. Walking in nature is one of my favorites. Other writers a big inspiration to me, so I asked several to share what

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Creative Energy

When I have high creative energy, I can write anywhere and with all sorts of distractions.  There are days I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the words flying onto the page.  The Muse is with me, and I walk with my characters

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